marie-laure dagoit coffret en anglais



Dimensions : 15x15 cm
Papier bouffant
Deux feuilles pliées avec rabats
Tirage limité à 30 exemplaires
4 livres 14,5x14,5 cm

☞ Marie-Laure Dagoit

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« wet fingers
hands that wander
spattered lips
cocks that crumple windward

old men who bang some women
rats on their back
animals of both sexes
dozens of girls dressed in loudly-coloured clothes
kiss/pass/pursue/tangle with each other

robust cocks unload the cum
in the baskets
blushed cheeks in the fiery hue of ferns
compulsory figures

this is the late season when hairs are cut
those that form the pubis of virgins
and big full carts drawn by oxen
and men have started inspecting the bushes

what a peculiar sex
not content to wrap its flesh in brown/
stiff smooth leather/it also covers itself in a fleece of thorns
and makes me a vegetal hedgehog »

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